About Marisa

My journey as a Wedding Officiant began when my best friends bestowed upon me the honor to officiate their wedding ceremony. It was both exciting and nerve-wracking to create the perfect ceremony for the most amazing women that I knew and loved. When they asked me to officiate, thay had expressed that I had been their spiritual guidepost throughout their entire relationship, so it was only natural that I guide them to the next chapter in their journey (no pressure!). Throughout the whole process leading up to the ceremony itself, I realized how important it was to focus on the small details, to listen to the couple's needs, and just be there to support them in order to deliver the ceremony of their dreams. After that experience, I knew that this was my calling in life and I wanted to share my talents with everyone! I feel my unique qualities of spiritual connectedness, openness and non-judgement,  and no-fear approach to public speaking means I will be the perfect officiant for your ceremony. 

Why hire an Officiant?

Many soon-to-be married couples consider the option of asking a close friend or family member to officiate their ceremony, and I completely understand (see my story above!). Luckily for my friends, I enjoy public speaking, have the talent for writing, and had no problem being a major part of their wedding... but that is not always the case with your close loved ones. For some, the very idea of being the "center of attention" would cause anxiety and actual physical symptoms. Or other instances, your loved ones may want to just  experience the ceremony and enjoy it as a loving onlooker. There is a lot of responsibility and time needed to officiate a wedding, so that is where I come in! I will work with you as an experienced officiant and guide you through the process, releaving your loved ones of any responsiblity or stress.

Serving the Phoenix Metro Area

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Email: info.desertroseceremonies@gmail.com

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